Foreword by Jeanne’s brother and sister
Introduction by Jeanne and Howard


  1. Life-Changing Decisions.  How can I prepare for trials ahead?
  2. An Abrupt Change of Plans.  Why doesn’t God always announce trials?
  3. The Impact of Example.   Does my life make a difference?
  4. Meeting That Special Someone.  Will I ever get married?
  5. A Solid Foundation for Marriage.  How can I be sure my marriage will last?
  6. Standing or Falling?  Does God give and then take away?
  7. Navigating Life’s Twists and Turns.  Whose advice should I follow?
  8. God’s Prescription Plan for Victory.  What did I do to deserve this?
  9. When I Am Weak, Then I Am Strong.  How can I survive when I’m so weak?
  10. Plans for a Future and a Hope.  Where is the silver lining behind the clouds?
  11. The Battle Belongs to the Lord.  How do I do battle against a physical illness?
  12. Our Awesome God.  Do miracles still happen?

  14. The Pit of Despair.  How can I overcome depression?
  15. Passing Through the Fire.  How can I avoid getting my faith burned?
  16. God’s Special Forces.  Doesn’t Christianity offer prosperity and good health?
  17. Fighting On Our Knees.  I’m so weak; what can I possibly do for the Lord?
  18. Developing a Biblical Mind.  How can I keep my mind strong?
  19. Opening Your Heart to Mutual Support.  How can I avoid embarrassment when suffering?
  20. Handling Major Setbacks.  How can I ever get back on track after this trial?
  21. Easier the Second Time.  What can I do when a trial keeps coming back?
  22. The Power of Encouragement.  Why should I encourage others when I hurt so much myself?

  24. An Open Book.  How can I present an authentic message?
  25. Specific Prayer.  Can I really trust God with specific prayer requests?
  26. Never Alone.  How can I overcome feelings of loneliness?
  27. Waiting on the Lord for Strength.  How can I keep from fretting when I am helpless?
  28. The Eye of the Storm.  How can I handle the whirlwinds of life?
  29. “Afflicted in Every Way, Yet Not Crushed.”  What if there are more trials than I can handle?
  30. A Traumatic Week for Howie and Columbine High.  How can I be faithful when tragedy strikes?
  31. The Lord Will Provide.  How can I overcome fear that my needs will not be met?
  32. Facing Fear With Faith.  How can I face danger on the horizon?
  33. A Most Bizarre Situation.  The unthinkable has happened—now what?
Epilogue: Finding Peace With God by Jeanne’s brother and sister

The Rest of the Story: Reunited Again

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