by Howard and Jeanne Tomlinson


Hope For Those Who Hurt has 31 chapters, one for each day of the month.  It is designed as a devotional book patterned after Our Daily Bread.  It is also a biography, covering the series of trials that Howard Tomlinson went through over a 20 year period, including a car accident and five surgeries to remove brain tumors.
    We wrote Hope For Those Who Hurt to show that no matter what we face in life, God is still on the throne and He does hear and answer prayer.  He pours out His mercy and grace on those who call out to Him in time of need.  He often uses trials to get our attention, drawing us closer to Himself and expanding our outreach to others.  Our prayer is that this book will be a source of encouragement and strength to others who are hurting and that it will give them hope.
    Part 1, “Established by Faith” (chapters 1-12) was completed in August, 1998, and Part 2, “Strengthened by Faith” (chapters 12-21) was completed in July, 1999.  [Part 3 “Walking by Faith” (chapters 22-31) was completed early in the year 2000.  The remainder was completed in March 2001. —Ed.]
    We’d like to express our appreciation to friends and family members who supported us and gave editing suggestions for this book.  And thank you to all who told us they loved Parts 1 and 2 and were looking forward to the rest of the story.
    Our desire is that Hope For Those Who Hurt, Lessons We’ve Learned in the School of Adversity, Parts 1-3, will provide hope and encouragement to others and bring glory to God, who alone is worthy of praise!

May the Lord bless each one of you,

Jeanne and Howard Tomlinson



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