by Howard and Jeanne Tomlinson


“I knew Howard and Jeanne over many years—and loved them for their joy, their love of Christ, their eagerness for the Scriptures, their affection for other people, their devotion to the worship of their Lord, and their desire to live in such a manner as to attract sinners to the Savior.  They were warm, open, kind and humble.  Their smiles and charm drew me and many others to love them.
    “Their story some would call a tragedy.  It was not.  It was a triumph—in every way—one of the purest and tenderest of stories that demonstrated the deep strength the Lord had given them.  I’m so glad that many will experience their unique lives through this book.”

—Dr. John MacArthur, Pastor-Teacher
Grace Community Church, California

“Jeanne Coppedge Tomlinson was one of the dearest friends I have ever had or anyone could have hoped for.  She was always concerned for others, for their interests and especially for their spiritual well-being.  She had a heart for the lost and was so very faithful to the things of God.  No matter how difficult a trial or troubling the situation that she had or I shared with her, she never lost sight of Jesus.  His power and providence were ever evidenced in her life no matter what the circumstances.
    “In every area of Jeanne’s life I saw Jesus.  She radiated the love and the character of Jesus Christ in who she actually was, in how she walked, talked, dressed, and behaved.  You could see it in her being, as well as in her doing.  The presence of God was in her words, music, in her voice and in her heart.
    “God’s purpose for His children is that they bring Him honor and glory.  Jeanne achieved that purpose.  She was a constant reminder of Jesus in her speech, her actions, her attitude, in her love for her family as well as for her friends and the many whose lives she so sweetly but powerfully touched.”

—Linda Adrian, a lifelong friend



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