Dear friend, my sister went through a deep trial 20 years ago during which she submerged herself in God's Word and compiled an extensive notebook categorizing and hand copying all the Scriptural passages that tell about God: Who He is, what He is like, and how He responds to us. It was that study that gave her joy and peace no matter what came her way, even terminal cancer for both herself and her husband. If you want to know more about her life, her present condition and her God, I invite you to read her book Hope For Those Who Hurt.

My Prayer for My Sister, Jeanne Tomlinson

Based on God's names and character, "The Alpha and Omega", A to Z
by Judy Rose
May 2000

Dear Lord,

You, the Ancient of Days, who knows and controls the future, who only allows things to come our way that You intend to work for our good in conforming us to the image of Christ, remind Jeanne that she is Accepted in the Beloved circle of your love on the basis of Jesus Christ death in her place, and that she may come boldly into your presence as her "Abba Father". May she rest in the fact that You are Almighty and that You are in control of all the events of her life. Help her to rejoice that You are the Author and Finisher of her faith and that these present difficulties will reap a great recompense of reward as she clings to You through them. At each point, when tiredness or weakness threaten her security, let her remember that You are her Advocate who pleads her case before the Father.

Feed her spirit with more of yourself as her all sustaining Bread of Life that satisfies as nothing else can. Remind her that You, the Bridegroom, stand at the door, and this is your process of washing her with the water of the Word so that she will be presented to You "glorious,.. without spot or wrinkle or any such thing". When nights seem long and dark, may You be her Bright and Morning Star, reminding her that a new day is coming, the eternal day promised in your Word.

Let her rest in the boat during this storm, knowing that You, who calmed the wind and the sea so long ago, are the Captain of our Salvation. And when difficult decisions must be made, don't let the pressures of others force her into choosing on the basis of their knowledge, but remind her that You are her wonderful Counselor who gives wisdom to those who ask for it in faith, for You alone are the Creator and your wisdom is past understanding. You, the promised Christ, are the Cornerstone on which she has built her life. Continue to be the bedrock of her security, and to give her a peace that passes understanding.

When those around her run dry of encouragements, let her draw deeply from You, the Dayspring from on High, so that not only her own thirst will be quenched, but she will have "streams of living water coming from her innermost being" to share with others. As her Deliverer, give her strength to lift the shield of faith which will quench all of Satan's lies that come as fearful fiery darts to her mind. You are the Door of the Sheep by which she may go in and out to find pasture to restore her soul.

Everlasting Father who loves to give good gifts to your children, draw her into your arms, as a loving earthly father comforts his beloved child when she is hurt. You are Eternal, and You can pour into each fleeting hour eons of loving thought and provision. Let her rest on the knowledge that there are no emergencies with You.

O, Father of Mercies, we are thankful that your merciful kindness is great towards us, and that your mercy is everlasting! May she never doubt your goodness. You are the Friend that sticketh closer than a brother. Be there for her during the nights when no visitors are allowed, then allow her to be a channel to your love in the days ahead, as the Friend of Sinners, to other lonely hearts around her.

You are the God of all patience and consolation. One day we will understand when we no longer "see through a glass darkly". Give her the ability to see more clearly than the rest of us, to see by faith your goodness and faithfulness, as she proceeds onto this storm. I thank you that you have been Gracious to her in giving her "grace to help in time of need." I trust that you will continue to give her grace for each new day.

As the head of the woman is the man, and the Head of the man is Christ, I ask You to give Howie, her head and husband, strength of faith. Feed him with rich truths and promises from your word that he may then feed to Jeanne. Give him the privilege of covering her with prayer. But we know that You alone are her High Priest. You, who suffered in the flesh more than any man, are "touched with the feeling of her infirmity." We trust you to not give her more suffering than she is able to bear.

The future looks cloudy, but help her to live in the present, with you as her I AM , the eternal present one who meets each present need. Remind her that you are Immanuel, "God with us". And although God as "Spirit" sometimes seems intangible in our minds, You have given us Christ who is the Image of the Invisible God. We see Christ through your Word and are drawn to You through Him. And since it is only in this earthly life when she can experience You in suffering and find You faithful, give her the ability to thank You that she will enter into Paul's great desire, "That I may know Him, and the power of His resurrection, and the fellowship of His suffering, being conformed to His death."

Jesus, You who proved your love by coming to earth to die in our place, help Jeanne to trust in You as the Just One, when life seems unfair. Remind her that what looks unloving in the short term is motivated by great love when viewed from eternity. You, the Judge of the Universe, have already poured out all the just penalty for her sins on Christ. May she never allow guilt or feelings of unworthiness to cloud her enjoyment of her complete acceptance with You on the merits of Jesus Christ.

You are the King of Kings! We look forward to when your kingdom will be set up on Earth. Give Jeanne the thrill of knowing that what she is gaining through this trial will equip her to rule with all believers under Christ as King during that thousand year reign. Help her hold strong to the truth that You are her Keeper, so that she may boldly say, "I know whom I have believed, and am persuaded that He is able, to keep that which I've committed unto Him against that day!"

We remember You as the Lamb of God who died in our place. You proved that You are the Lover of our Soul on the cross. Encourage Jeanne that she is "loved with an everlasting love" and that "underneath are the everlasting arms". She has submitted to You as her Lord, accepting your leading through this "valley of the shadow". Now, as the Light of the World, light her darkness, the times when nothing makes sense. Remind her that she does not need to see ahead, she just needs to keep her eyes on You, knowing that you see it all.

I take comfort in knowing that You are a Man of Sorrows and acquainted with grief and that You are the Merciful High Priest who is interceding for her at the throne of grace. But You are also her Master, the Mighty God who is in control of the details of her life. I thank You that you have given us your promise that all these things You are working together for her good, and that through them You are conforming her to the image of Christ, resulting in great joy and blessing for her in eternity.

I know that You are Nigh unto all who call upon You in truth, and as this prayer is firmly rooted in your unchanging character as revealed in your word, I know that You hear me and that You will grant all these petitions.

Only Wise God, who brings to nothing the wisdom of the mighty of this world, show yourself strong through answered prayer so that the medical staff around her will know that they are but men. You are the One in Whom we live and move and have our being. Encourage her that everything about her circumstance is overshadowed by your loving control, and that she is not at the mercy of current medical knowledge.

And as her Great Physician, anoint her with the balm of Gilead: Your soothing presence, sustaining power, and healing. We are acutely aware that we are mortal, and that it is appointed unto man once to die. We do not ask for immortality here, but as our Prince of Peace, we ask that You give Jeanne a peace that passes understanding. She has demonstrated to all around her that unto those who believe, You are Precious for You have given us many great and precious promises, and You are the only true Promise (covenant) Keeper.

Jeanne does not face the possibility of death with fear, for You are a Quickening Spirit, and You will resurrect her frail mortal body and will change it to immortality. We just ask that she be able to finish her course with joy, and that You will strengthen and sustain her until her work here is completed.

Our great assurance is that You are the Resurrection and the Life. And as you demonstrated victory over death, we know that in You, we shall live also. Until that day You, as the great Redeemer, are Reconciling the lost through us as Your ambassadors. One day soon You will Rule this world as the Righteous Judge. It is upon this Rock that Jeanne's faith is built.

May she have the joy of seeing some, who witness her life, drawn to You as their Savior. Give her songs in the night through the still, small voice of your Spirit, and as her Good Shepherd, guide her to the green pastures of feeding on your promises, and the quiet waters of trusting You, until you appear as the Sun of Righteousness with healing in your wings.

Let her remember that You are Truth, even though her feelings may cry out that You don't see or don't care, help her say, as one woman said so long ago, Thou God Seest Me and may she remember that You are Touched with the feelings (pain) of our infirmity. As You "learned obedience" by the things in which You suffered when on the world, be her Teacher in suffering so that this trial of faith may produce patience, experience, hope and a heart overflowing with your love, as she reflects on what You willingly suffered for us. You are the True Vine, the source of all her spiritual fruitfulness. Let her experience the wonder of abundant fruit (love, joy, peace, gentleness, patience, kindness, goodness, faith, gentleness and self-control) during this time when she may feel barren because of the physical limitations for service.

I am far away, and feel helpless to relieve her distress, but it is so comforting knowing that Underneath are the Everlasting Arms and that your Understanding is limitless.

I am amazed that You, the unfathomable God who inhabits eternity, are mindful of us and Visit us. You are our Very Present Help in times of trouble. This world is full of injustice and cruelty, but You have said "Vengeance is Mine, I will repay". We look forward to that day when You, as Victor, will make a new heaven and earth where righteousness dwells. Give Jeanne comfort as she looks forward to all You have prepared for her.

As the Living Word, take the passages of Scripture that she has hidden in her heart, and make them come to life through these new twists and turns in her experience. Be her Water of Life, when the broken cisterns of the world offer no hope. Let her feast on the fact that You are Worthy to be Praised and that one day she will rejoice in your Wisdom, for it is not in man to direct his way, but You know the way that she takes, and when You have tried her, she shall come forth as gold.

If we could get a glimpse of the eXceeding Greatness of Your Power and your eXcellent Majesty, we would fall at your feet and marvel that You Yearn Over Us, like a loving parent. And just as was said of You when You cleansed the temple, the "Zeal of Thine House hath eaten me up", so we can trust by faith that You are Zealous to guard our bodies, which are the temple of the Holy Spirit, for your purposes and your glory. Guard Jeanne's body temple and accomplish your perfect will through her life,

For Thine is the Kingdom, and the Power, and the Glory forever.

We ask this in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, Amen.

By her sister who loves her

and loves her God,

Judy Rose

(I hope this prayer helps you in praying for those you love who are in any trial. Besides the names of God which are highlighted in bold, many of the phrases in this prayer are taken directly from Scripture. He has given us many great and precious promises by which we may lay hold on Him!)