Jeanne Tomlinson Photo Gallery

These are just a few of hundreds of photos of Jeanne (Coppedge) Tomlinson at different points in her varied and adventurous life.  She had no children of her own, yet influenced more children than most church members.  In her day, Jeanne excelled at many roles: teacher, backpacker, romantic lover, camp leader, college coed at Bob Jones University, caring empathizer, speaker, political activist, email wizard, songwriter, pianist, author, home interior businesswoman, cook, loving wife, prayer warrior, and much more.  Whatever she did, she did heartily, as to the Lord (Colossians 3:23).  Now that she is in heaven, let us remember what a gift life is, and use it to the fullest for Jesus Christ.

Jeanne as a little girl, 1951.

Jeanne with mother, brother and sister around 1952.

Jeanne (right) with MorFar (mother's father) Eric Ingels, a gifted architect and homebuilder from Sweden. Historical note: his first night in America was at a hotel in San Francisco, the night of the notorious 1906 earthquake.

At the Valley Cathedral Youth Center founded and directed by her parents, where Jeanne grew up through the youth clubs, and later taught kindergarten and led day care programs.

Riding her favorite horse Sugar at the Youth Center.

Fishing with friends at a lake in the Sierras, on one of the Ranger camp trips led by her dad. Jeanne was a "senior officer" in the Rangers, one of the top ranking members, and in charge of leading and counseling younger groups of girls.

At sweet 16, around 1963 (did you know she was really a brunette?)

Jeanne's parents around 1963, hard-working founders and leaders of the Rangers and Christian Commandos youth clubs in Northridge, California.

Leading girls in singing on a local trail hike in California, around 1968.

At the Youth Center around 1976 where she later led youth clubs and taught kindergarten for five years after her first husband left her in the 1980s. It was after this crisis that Jeanne grew in knowledge of the Lord through study of His Word while leading all the children's activities at the Youth Center. Attending Grace Community Church, she met Howard Tomlinson who was on a visit from New York. (Let Jeanne tell her own story in chapter 4.)

Jeanne with mom, sister and brother at the Youth Center, Northridge, California, around 1994 (year of the Northridge earthquake).

Contentedly at home with Howie, around 1998.

At home with mom, wearing her wig to replace hair lost during radiation treatments, April 12, 2000, just about 47 days before her death. Notice the absence of fear, and the calm joy on her face, characteristic of Jeanne throughout her final ordeal.

One of the best portraits of Jeanne and Howie as we will always remember them.

Rest in peace, Jeanne, till we meet again!