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Star Party 2021 • Sat Aug 7, 2021

August 07, 2021  •  Annual Star Party on Mt. Pinos  •  Easy  •  Led by David Coppedge

Creation Safaris’ annual star party on Mt Pinos will feature Jupiter and Saturn, along with the usual treats: the Summer Triangle, M13 globular cluster in Hercules, colorful nebulae in the Milky Way, spiral galaxies, clusters, double stars, and occasional stray meteors.

Optional hike begins at 3:00 p.m. and features great views from the top of Mt. Pinos. The hike is 1.5 miles each way, total of 3 miles.

Main event begins at 6:00 p.m. with Dave providing teaching about astronomy news and creation, and orientation about telescopes and what to see after dark. Bring a chair or pad to sit on, and honor pandemic rules about face masks and social distancing. Hand sanitizer and water to wash hands with is recommended also.

For directions, check the Nordic Base on Mt Pinos website. It’s about a 20-mile drive west of the Frazier Park turnoff on Interstate 5. Go through town and continue on, without making any major turns. The road winds up the mountain and ends on a parking lot where you should see cars and telescopes. Look for our Creation Safaris sign. If the lot is full, park on the road leading up to the lot. Actually, it’s easier leaving after dark if you park along the road. Do NOT shine headlights or bright white lights in the viewing area after dark! This irritates the astronomers who need their eyes to remain dark-adjusted for viewing faint objects.

What to bring: face mask, water, warm clothes (altitude is over 8,000 ft), food and drink, red flashlight, chair. Binoculars can be helpful. A pad or lounge to lie down on may help for upward viewing. The nearest restrooms are 1/8 mile walk from the lot, so go beforehand. Bring your own TP, as sometimes the outhouses are not supplied. If you have a smartphone, try installing the app Google Sky Map beforehand; it can help you locate and identify objects.

Please arrive at 6:00 or earlier. The teaching time is a key part of this activity. Arriving late not only misses that key part, but also could irritate others with bright headlights, and you may not be able to find parking, either. You can leave the star party any time you need to, but the later you can stay, the better the viewing gets. Try to stay till at least 10:00 p.m. Rather than turning on headlights in the lot, have a friend guide you out with a red flashlight.