August 11 • Annual Star Party on Mt. Pinos • Easy • Led by David Coppedge


Creation Safaris annual star party on Mt Pinos has a special treat this year: The Perseid Meteor Shower! It’s rare to get the Perseids on a new moon and a weekend, but those three factors all come together nicely this year. Plan to stay later than usual to get the best views.

Mars, Jupiter and Saturn will also be visible through our telescopes, along with the usual treats: M13 globular cluster in Hercules, colorful nebulae in the Milky Way, spiral galaxies, clusters and double stars.

Event begins at 6:00 p.m. with Dave providing teaching about astronomy news and creation, and orientation about what to see after dark. We recommend a ground pad or chaise lounge for late-night viewing of the meteor shower: no other gear is needed to enjoy it.


October 14-17 • PARIA PLATEAU DISCOVERY HIKES • Strenuous • 4WD Req'd • Led by David Coppedge


For true adventurers! Explore one of the most remote parts of the Four Corners to help Chief Bwana Dave make new discoveries. Many people know about The Wave and White Pocket on the Paria Plateau, but there are places beyond that look just as interesting: areas of colorful and twisted Navajo sandstone beckoning the adventurous spirit.

This is a strenuous trip involving 4-wheel-drive roads and hikes of 5 to 10 miles per day, but you can help make history by exploring new areas never before documented or photographed. Last year, Dave discovered four new areas that are quite spectacular, and in May 2018, he found more – including the best one yet! See his YouTube channel (David F Coppedge) and look for “New Discoveries on the Paria Plateau” to see what it was like. New routes are planned for this year that promise magnificent vistas and colorful geology. Highlight will be a return visit to the spectacular “Lost City” and “Skywalk” overlooks.

To inquire, contact bwana [at]