Complete list of 34 years of Creation Safaris!

Creation Safari Log: Christian Outdoor Worship and Educational Adventures

Trip TitleRegion/LocaleStart Date#DayCategoryRatingGroup
MLK Health HikeEd Davis Park, Towsley Canyon01/15/20181Day HikeModerate9
Movie: Alien IntrusionValencia Theater01/11/20181FilmEasy7
Movie: Creation Paradise LostValencia Theater11/13/20171FilmEasy15
Mt Pinos Star PartyMt Pinos07/22/20171Star PartyEasy35
Movie: Is Genesis History?Valencia Theater02/23/20171FilmEasy8
MLK Health HikeWhitney Canyon01/16/20171Day HikeEasy12
Mountain Star PartyMt Pinos07/30/20161Star PartyEasy40
Heart of the SierraSierra NF08/12/20166BackpackStrenuous8
Poppy FestivalPalmdale04/16/20161Day HikeEasy5
Passages Bible Museum #2Santa Clarita01/16/20161MuseumEasy16
Passages Bible Museum #1Santa Clarita12/02/20151MuseumEasy16
Whale WatchDana Point10/03/20151CruiseEasy10
Mountain Star PartyMt Pinos08/15/20151Star PartyEasy100
Wildflower HuntAntelope Valley03/21/20151Day HikeEasy8
Whitney Cyn FallsWhitney Canyon03/07/20151Day HikeModerate10
MLK Day Health HikeWeldon Cyn01/19/20151Day HikeModerate5
30th Anniv. Star PartyMt Pinos08/23/20141Star PartyEasy130
Edison Lake ExplorationJohn Muir Wilderness08/16/20142Camp TripModerate4
Sierra Lake LoopDinkey Lakes Wilderness06/22/20142Camp TripStrenuous4
Utah Grand StaircaseZion, Bryce, Paria04/07/20145Road TripModerate4
St. Patrick's Day HikeTar Creek Cyn03/15/20141Day HikeModerate12
President's Day Health HikeElsmere Cyn Loop02/17/20141Day HikeModerate10
MLK Health HikeTowsley Cyn Loop01/20/20141Day HikeModerate6
Beach BoogieZuma & Point Dume09/14/20131Day HikeEasy4
Tour of the CosmosMt Pinos09/07/20131Star PartyEasy70
Sierra Lakes TrekSabrina Lake Basin08/23/20134BackpackModerate6
Mt Pinos Summit WalkMt Pinos06/29/20131Day HikeEasy30
Havasupai 2013Havasupai Canyon, Arizona06/15/20137BackpackStrenuous16
California CoastMonterey to Montana de Oro06/12/20133Camp TripEasy5
Ecology WalkPlacerita Canyon04/13/20131Day HikeEasy18
Wellness WalkElsmere Canyon04/06/20131Day HikeEasy18
Mission to the MountaintopO'Melveny Park02/16/20131Day HikeEasy40
Quigley Canyon Open Space WalkQuigley Cyn01/13/20131Day HikeEasy9
Breakfast with BirdsPlacerita Cyn11/24/20121Day HikeEasy21
Star PartyMt Pinos08/18/20121Star PartyEasy35
Fall Color HikePlacerita Canyon11/25/20111Day HikeEasy12
Star Party EncoreMt Pinos09/24/20111Star PartyEasy40
Star Party TimeMt Pinos08/27/20111Star PartyEasy45
Havasupai HolidayGrand Canyon06/11/20118BackpackStrenuous21
In-n-Out Wildflower WalkWeldon Cyn Trail05/14/20111Day HikeEasy11
Poppy Hop & Photo OpAntelope Valley04/09/20111Day HikeEasy11
Waterfall HikePlacerita Waterfall Trail04/03/20111Day HikeModerate11
Labor Day BackpackLittle Lakes Valley09/04/20104BackpackModerate6
Grand Canyon RaftingGrand Canyon08/27/20104RaftingModerate30
River BackpackNorth Fork Kings08/15/20107BackpackStrenuous8
Mountain Star PartyMt Pinos08/07/20101Star PartyEasy30
JPL Open HouseJet Propulsion Laboratory05/15/20101MuseumEasy25
Red Rock Stage StopRed Rock Canyon02/13/20102CampoutModerate4
Whitney Falls After the RainWhitney Canyon01/23/20101Day HikeModerate17
25th Anniv Star PartyMt Pinos09/19/20091Star PartyEasy60
25th Anniv Slide ShowNewhall09/07/20091ReunionEasy12
Minarets BackpackAnsel Adams Wilderness07/28/20094BackpackStrenuous13
JPL Open HouseJet Propulsion Lab05/02/20091MuseumEasy21
Yosemite SpringYosemite Natl Park04/24/20093Camp TripModerate8
Resurrection HikeElsmere Canyon04/11/20091Day HikeModerate6
Wildflower PastoraleHwy 223 near Arvin03/14/20091Day HikeModerate10
Earth, Venus, SaturnRed Rock Canyon02/27/20092Camp TripModerate15
Yosemite Snow Photo ShootYosemite02/13/20093Road TripEasy2
Health HikeEast Cyn to Weldon Cyn01/31/20091Day HikeStrenuous6
Trilobite HuntAmboy01/17/20091Day HikeModerate4
Reunion of 2008 SafarisNewhall12/27/20081MovieEasy15
Mammoth BackpackMammoth to McGee Cr08/17/20087BackpackStrenuous9
Sky ScoutingMt Pinos, CA08/02/20081Star PartyEasy35
Grand Canyon 7-Day RaftingGrand Canyon06/21/20087RaftingModerate28
Griffith ObservatoryGriffith Park L.A.06/-7/20081MuseumEasy8
Grand Canyon 3-Day RaftingGrand Canyon05/24/20083RaftingModerate25
Buttes & HoodoosUtah-Arizona04/19/20085Road/HikeModerate4
Expelled: No Intelligence AllowedNewhall04/18/20081FilmEasy8
Leap Year CampoutRed Rock Canyon02/29/20081Day HikeModerate13
Lunar Eclipse WatchNewhall02/20/20081Star PartyEasy6
MLK Day Health HikeWeldon to East Canyon01/17/20081Day HikeModerate20
William Phillips art exhibitB&R Gallery12/01/20071MuseumEasy6
God’s CountryBlack Hills, SD08/30/20076Road TripModerate3
Grand Canyon 3-Day RaftingGr Cyn with Canyon Ministries08/24/20073RaftingModerate28
Steak & StarsMt Pinos, CA08/11/20071Star PartyEasy30
Heaven for Sure PassJohn Muir Wilderness07/29/20077BackpackStrenuous10
Sequoia Trees & LakesSequoia Natl Park07/05/20074BackpackModerate6
AIG Grand Canyon 7-day rafting tripGr Cyn with Canyon Ministries06/07/20077RaftingModerate28
JPL Open HouseJet Propulsion Lab05/19/20071MuseumEasy7
Wildflower HuntPlacerita/Bear Divide04/14/20071Day HikeEasy3
March Morning WalkDevil Cyn Trail, Chatsworth03/10/20071Day HikeModerate6
EBC Prayer HikeChumash Trail, Simi03/06/20071Day HikeModerate15
Red Rock Saturn WatchRed Rock Cyn St Park03/02/20072CampoutEasy21
Whitney Falls StrollWhitney Canyon, Newhall02/24/20071Day HikeEasy10
MLK Day Health Hike Los Pinetos Trail01/15/20071Day HikeStrenuous2
Thanksgiving Mountain Climb Mission Peak11/24/20061Day HikeStrenuous16
Ecology Walk Placerita Nature Center09/09/20061Day HikeEasy15
Grand Canyon RaftingGrand Canyon08/25/20063RaftingModerate28
Annual Star PartyMt Pinos08/19/20061Star PartyEasy30
Kings River Backpack John Muir Wilderness08/03/20064Backpack Strenuous6
Beginning Backpack Arroyo Seco04/07/20062BackpackEasy4
Backpacking Gear GuideSport Chalet03/31/20061TrainingEasy5
Presidents' Day Health HikeWhitney Canyon Park02/20/20061Day HikeModerate11
Red Rock Saturn WatchRed Rock Cyn St Pk02/03/20062Car CampModerate22
MLK Health HikeEast Canyon, Newhall01/16/20061Day HikeModerate13
Grand Canyon Rafting Grand Canyon08/26/20053RaftingModerate28
Annual Star PartyMt Pinos08/14/20051Star PartyEasy24
March of the PenguinsValencia Town Center08/18/20051MovieEasy9
Annual Star PartyMt Pinos08/14/20051Star PartyEasy24
Whitney Waterfalls IIWhitney Canyon Park05/21/20051Day HikeModerate4
JPL Open HouseJet Propulsion Lab05/14/20051MuseumEasy19
Wildflower PreviewLeona-Antelope Valleys03/12/20051Road TripEasy10
Twin Falls Health HikeVerdugo Mtns03/11/20051Day HikeModerate7
Chatsworth Stage StopChatsworth Park02/26/20051Day HikeModerate6
Whitney WaterfallsWhitney Canyon Park01/23/20051Day HikeModerate24
Fire WalkE Golden Valley10/29/20041Day HikeEasy2
"Privileged Planet" Dinner TheaterLebec/Mt Pinos10/02/20041FilmEasy95
Stardate BBQLebec/Mt Pinos08/14/20041Star PartyEasy90
JPL Open HouseJet Propulsion Lab05/16/20041MuseumEasy25
Red Rock IIIRed Rock Cyn State Pk04/30/20042Car CampModerate16
Easter WalkWeldon-East Cyn04/10/20041Day HikeModerate25
20th Anniv CelebrationGranada Hills03/20/20041Slide ShowEasy61
Newhall WaterfallsWhitney Canyon02/08/20041Day HikeModerate5
Fire WalkRice Canyon, Santa Clarita11/29/20031Day HikeEasy4
Labor Day RestJune Lake08/30/20032Car CampEasy4
Mars & StarsMt. Pinos08/23/20031Star PartyEasy80
Paradise Valley BackpackKings Cyn Rae Lakes loop07/29/20038BackpackStrenuous8
O'Melveny ParkGranada Hills06/13/20031Day HikeEasy4
Newhall WaterfallsWhitney Canyon06/06/20031Day HikeEasy11
Hanging GardensWeldon Cyn, Newhall05/30/20031Day HikeEasy25
Beginner BackpackS Middle Tule R, Sequoia NF05/24/20033BackpackEasy9
JPL Open HouseJet Propulsion Lab05/18/20031MuseumEasy25
Wildflower WalkAntelope Valley04/05/20031Day HikeEasy5
Saturn WatchDevils Punchbowl County Park03/02/20031Hike&SkywatchModerate11
Sunday StrollRidgeline Trail02/23/20031Day HikeModerate4
Sunday StrollWhitney Canyon Park02/16/20031Day HikeEasy8
Sunday StrollGrace Baptist back 4002/09/20031Day HikeEasy12
Sunday StrollDevil Canyon01/12/20031Day HikeEasy3
Leonid Meteor StormDevils Punchbowl County Park11/19/20021Star PartyEasy6
La Brea Tar PitsPage Museum, Los Angeles10/20/20021Museum Easy40
Labor Day’s RestLake Sabrina, eastern Sierra08/30/2002 3Car Camp Easy7
Perseid Star PartyMt. Pinos, CA08/10/2002 1Star Party Easy35
Havasupai AdventureSupai, Grand Canyon06/28/20028Backpack Strenuous26
Paradise Cave AdventureSequoia Natl Park06/08/20022Caving Strenuous12
Red Rock QuickieRed Rock Canyon St Park05/10/20022Car Camp Easy12
Fossil HuntKanab Canyon, AZ04/14/20025Backpack Strenuous4
Sunday StrollTowsley Canyon Park02/24/20021Day Hike Moderate14
Sunday StrollSan Francisquito Cyn02/10/20021Day Hike Easy13
The Oceans of MarsGriffith Observatory closing day01/06/20021Museum Easy4
Desert AdventureEast Mojave, Pisgah Crater12/29/20013Car Camp Moderate6
Sunday StrollTowsley Canyon Park12/16/20011Day Hike Easy7
Leonid Meteor StormCastaic, CA11/17/20011Star PartyEasy15
Utah Photo TourParia River area to Page AZ11/02/20016Car CampModerate2
Moonlight Over MammothLake Mary, Mammoth08/31/20014Car CampEasy10
2001: A Space SafariMt. Pinos08/18/20011Star PartyEasy100+
Charles Darwin ExhibitHuntington Library05/27/20011MuseumEasy4
Sunday Stroll to Ridgeline TrailNewhall Pass area05/27/20011Day HikeEasy3
JPL Open HouseNASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory05/19/20011MuseumEasy22
Wildflowers and Slot CanyonsLockwood Valley05/12/20011Day HikeModerate7
After-Work WorkoutRocky Peak04/26/20011Day HikeStrenuous3
Sunday Stroll to Peaceful ValleyPearblossom Hwy04/22/20011Day HikeEasy12
Wildflower WaltzAntelope Valley04/14/20011Day HikeEasy8
Sunday Stroll to Hidden ValleySierra Highway04/01/20011Day HikeEasy5
2001: A Space OddityRed Rock Canyon St Pk03/23/20012Car CampEasy33
Sunday Stroll to Newhall FallsTowsley Cyn Park03/18/20011Day HikeEasy5
Galápagos in 3-DValencia IMAX Theater01/27/20011FilmEasy5
Cassini Jupiter SwingbyNASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory12/29/20001Star PartyEasy13
Leonid Meteor WatchSanta Clarita11/17/20001Star PartyEasy4
Southwest Caves & CactiSaguaro NM, Kartchner Cavern AZ11/10/20003CavingEasy9
Utah Weird & WildEscalante, Zion10/08/20006Car TourModerate7
Labor Day Sierra TrekRock Cr to Morgan Lakes9/01/20004BackpackModerate15
Cosmic Mtn ExperienceMt Pinos8/26/20001Star PartyEasy70
Kings ConquestN Fk Kings R, John Muir Wildern.8/01/20007BackpackStrenuous5
Little Kern ExpeditionGolden Trout Wilderness7/01/20003BackpackModerate3
After-Work Buffalo HuntHart Park Newhall6/14/20001Day HikeEasy2
JPL Open HouseNASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory6/03/20001Day HikeEasy12
After-Work Workout Rocky PkRocky Peak Chatsworth5/17/20001Day HikeStrenuous2
Sage Ranch Wildflower HuntSage Ranch Park4/29/20001Day HikeEasy31
Towsley Cyn Wildflower HuntTowsley Cyn Park SCl4/29/20001Day HikeEasy30
Verdugo Peak WorkoutVerdugo Peak trail4/5/20001Day HikeStrenuous4
Observatory NightGriffith Observatory3/14/20001MuseumEasy12
IMAX FantasiaValencia IMAX Theater2/29/20001FilmEasy4
Leonid Watch #2Burton Rd Cyn Country11/17/19991Star PartyEasy12
Leonid Watch #1Burton Rd Cyn Country11/16/19991Star PartyEasy4
Utah in the FallCannonville-Escalante et10/23/19998Car CampEasy6
Star Party on Mt PinosMt Pinos9/11/19991Star PartyEasy40
Ediza Lake BackpackAnsel Adams Wilderness9/3/19994BackpackModerate17
Big Horn RendezvousSan Bernardino NF8/21/19991Day HikeEasy2
Telescope Tour Star PartyMt Pinos7/10/19991Star PartyEasy35
Oceanography CruiseCatalina Island6/26/19991CruiseEasy55
JPL Open HouseNASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory6/1/19991MuseumEasy30
Memorial Day Sierra CampoutHuntington Lake, Sierra5/29/19993Car CampEasy10
Wildflower WatchTheodore Payne Center4/10/19991Day HikeEasy6
River RideSanta Clara River Trail2/28/19991BicycleEasy3
Leonid Watch #2Agua Dulce Canyon Rd11/18/19981Star PartyEasy5
Leonid Watch #1Red Rover Mine Rd.11/17/19981Star PartyEasy9
Star Party on Mt PinosMt Pinos7/25/19981Star PartyEasy28
Havasupai Super Safari 1998Grand Cyn Havasupai Cyn6/20/19987BackpackStrenuous20
Spaceport USA: JPLNASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory5/30/19981MuseumEasy45
California ScienCenter IMAXCalifornia ScienCenter5/30/19981FilmsEasy6
Wildflower ShootAntelope Valley4/18/19981Day HikeEasy8
El NinoSanta Clarita4/11/19981Day HikeEasy11
Wildflower HuntAntelope Valley4/4/19981Day HikeEasy8
Sunday Stroll Frenchman's FlatFrenchman Flat, Piru Cyn3/22/19981Day HikeEasy11
Death Valley SuperbloomTrona, Darwin, Death Vly3/14/19982Car CampEasy2
Sunday Stroll Waterfall TraillPlacerita Waterfall Trai3/1/19981Day HikeModerate18
Uplook Star PartyMt Pinos8/2/19971Star PartyEasy27
Wyoming Green River RendezvousPinedale WY, Yellowstone7/9/199715Car TourStrenuous14
Mars Dune Buggy PathfinderPasadena Convention Ctr7/4/19971MuseumEasy18
Western Heritage MuseumGene Autry Museum6/8/19971MuseumEasy8
Spaceport USANASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory5/31/19971MuseumEasy10
Western Trails and RedwoodsMountain Home St Forest5/24/19973Car CampEasy16
Wildflower ShootHungry Valley SRVA4/12/19971Day HikeEasy13
Comet Hale-Bopp CookoutWhittaker Peak4/5/19971Star PartyEasy36
Comet Fever for Hale-BoppBear Divide3/29/19971Star PartyEasy31
Over the MountainsSanta Susana Mtns2/22/19971Day HikeModerate9
The Great American WestIMAX Theater LA2/2/19971FilmEasy10
The Nature of ArtB&R Gallery, Sta Clarita1/12/19971IndoorEasy24
Video Night: Journeys to EdgeDave's house12/27/19961FilmEasy14
Arizona HighwaysArizona, Chino Valley11/29/19963Car CampModerate 
Little Utah in the SFVO'Melveny Park, GH11/2/19961Day HikeModerate24
Mountain Man Trail RideRenegade Cyn Ranch8/31/19961HorsebackEasy19
Mineral King BackpackBig 5/Little 5 Lakes8/4/19967BackpackStrenuous4
Sequoia Forest SiestaHorse Mdw, Upper Kern5/25/19963Car CampEasy6
Sunday Stroll in Soledad CynSoledad Canyon5/5/19961Day HikeEasy7
After-Work Prayer WorkoutGolden Valley Rd east5/2/19961Day HikeModerate8
Holy Land Tour of Bible PlantsSand Cyn, Sta Clara Divi4/27/19961Day HikeEasy8
Sunday Stroll in Porter RanchTampa Trail Porter Ranch4/21/19961Day HikeEasy2
Wildflower WatchBouquet Canyon etc4/13/19961Day HikeEasy3
Sunday Stroll at Dave's houseGreen Mountain3/31/19961Day HikeEasy11
Creation of the HorseRenegade Cyn Ranch3/23/19961HorsebackEasy11
Comet Watch: HyakutakeRed Rover Mine Rd3/23/19960Star PartyEasy10
Sunday Stroll in NewhallNewhall Woodlands3/17/19961Day HikeEasy21
Mt Wilson ObservatoryMt Wilson Observatory3/16/19961Day HikeEasy2
A Drive in the CountryRidge Route, Bouquet Cyn3/2/19961Day HikeEasy4
IMAX film festivalIMAX Theater2/4/19961FilmEasy10
Placerita WaterfallsPlacerita State Park1/21/19961Day HikeEasy15
Christmas Stress ReleaserOMelveney Park12/25/19951Day HikeModerate8
Night Prayer on the MountainGolden Valley Road East12/8/19951Day HikeEasy4
Tho I Walk Thru Death ValleyDeath Valley11/24/19953Car CampEasy6
Paradise Cave AdventureParadise Cave, Sequoia11/10/19951CavingStrenuous14
From Toroweap Point to ZionGrand Canyon, Zion NP10/6/19955Car CampEasy2
Roar & SnoreSan Diego Wild Animal Pk9/2/19952ZooEasy5
Heavenly Lights Star PartyMt Pinos8/26/19951Star PartyEasy50
Waterwheel FallsTuolomne Meadows8/6/19956Car/BackpModerate4
The World from Half DomeYosemite/Hetch Hetchy7/1/19955Car/BackpEasy/Stre13
The World from Yosemite PointYosemite/Sugar Pine5/25/19956Car/BackpEasy/Stre24
Missouri Creation SafarisHa Ha Tonka State Park4/28/19952Day HikeEasy30
Poppy HopAntelope Valley4/22/19951Day HikeEasy20
Little Utah in the SFVOMelveney Park GH3/25/19951Day HikeModerate39
ICR Grand Canyon BackpackHavasupai Canyon3/25/19959BackpackStrenuous20
Tar Pit Truths and TalesLa Brea Tar Pits2/12/19951MuseumEasy26
Wonders of the SnowMountain High, San Gabr2/11/19951Day HikeEasy5
IMAX Eyefulls (Space, Africa)IMAX Theater LA1/8/19951FilmsEasy8
Return to White Chief CaveSequoia/Mineral King9/2/19944CavingStrenuous22
Yellowstone AdventureYellowstone Natl Park8/5/199417Car CampModerate14
Catalina Oceanography CruiseLong Beach, Catalina Isl6/11/19941BoatingEasy51
Redwood River HolidaySequoia National Park5/27/19944Car CampEasy29
Wildflower Hunt/Chaparral ChallengeSan Gabriel Mts, Green M4/30/19941Day HikeEasy19
Bicycle Fossil HuntBrowns Cyn, Chatsworth4/16/19941BicycleModerate18
River's Side Bike RideSan Gabriel R West Fork3/26/19941BicycleEasy12
Saddleback Star PartySaddleback Butte St Park3/12/19941Star PartyEasy82
IMAX Gr Cyn and DiscoverersIMAX Theater LA1/16/19941FilmsEasy20
East Mojave Scenic TourEast Mojave Scenic Area12/31/19933CavingEasy9
With Christ in the WildernessRainbow Basin11/26/19932Car CampEasy8
Canyoning in UtahEscalante/Capitol Reef9/26/19937Car CampStrenuous4
White Chief CaveMineral King/White Chief9/3/19934CavingModerate29
The Universe From EarthMt Pinos, Los Padres NF8/21/19931Star PartyEasy51
Meteor StormVasquez Rocks8/12/19931Star PartyEasy13
Mt. Whitney IIIMt Whitney, Sequoia NP8/4/19934BackpackStrenuous8
The Oregon TrailOregon/Washington7/3/199315Car CampModerate9
Come Home to the MountainsMountain Home St Forest5/28/19933Car CampEasy22
Mt. San JacintoMt San Jacinto5/7/19933BackpackModerate10
Pedals & PetalsLake Hughes, Palmdale4/10/19931BicycleEasy26
Underside of a LandfillElsmere Canyon, Newhall4/3/19931Day hikeModerate22
Urban Nature HideoutsBull Cr, Tampa, Stony Pt3/14/19931Day hikeEasy24
Palmer Cave ReconnoiterPalmer/Lost Soldiers Cve3/6/19932CavingStrenuous3
Green Pastures, Still WatersMormon Cyn, Chatsworth2/27/19931Day hikeModerate11
ICR Creation MuseumICR, Santee (San Diego)1/23/19931MuseumEasy46
The Rainbow DesertRainbow Basin, Ironwood1/1/19932Car CampModerate11
Joshua Tree National MonumentJoshua Tree NM environs11/27/19922Car CampEasy18
IMAX Beavers and AntarcticaIMAX Theatre LA11/8/19921FilmEasy11
Hike and Slide Show ReunionNewhall, Green Mtn Dr10/31/19921Day hikeEasy36
Star Party at Mt. PinosMt Pinos, Los Padres NF8/29/19921Star PartyEasy40
Golden Trout Wilderness LoopGolden Trout Wilderness7/28/19925BackpackModerate6
Havasupai #4, Have a SupaiGrand Cyn Havasupai Cyn6/27/19927BackpackModerate10
Oceanography Cruise #2Newport Beach6/20/19921CruiseEasy61
Fishbowls!Piru Cr, Los Padres NF6/6/19921BackpackModerate18
Yosemite InspirationsYosemite/Camp Sugar Pine5/22/19923Car CampModerate18
Cave ParadiseParadise Cave Sequoia NP5/8/19921CavingStrenuous4
Wildflower WalkPalmdale, Gorman4/18/19921Day hikeEasy15
Fossil Creek ExpeditionBrowns Cyn, Chatsworth4/4/19921Day hikeEasy20
Placerita Nature StrollPlacerita County Park3/8/19921Day hikeEasy16
L.A.'s Annular Sunset EclipseCarlsbad City Beach1/4/19921Star PartyEasy23
The Big Sur PlusMonterey/Big Sur11/28/19913Car CampEasy15
Journey of LifeDFC house/chaparral11/10/19911Day HikeEasy14
Paradise Cave AdventureParadise Cave Sequoia NP10/11/19912CavingStrenuous13
Palomar Sky SurveyPalomar Mt, Cleveland NF9/28/19911Car CampEasy28
Star Party at Mt. PinosMt Pinos, Los Padres NF8/10/19911Star PartyEasy29
The Big One Solar Eclipse BajaLos Cabos, Baja Californ7/9/19914Star PartyEasy3
Star Party at Mt. PinosMt Pinos, Los Padres NF6/15/19911Star PartyEasy35
Reyes Creek Beginner BackpackLos Padres NF5/4/19911BackpackEasy17
Canyoning in Utah/ArizonaBuckskin/Paria Canyons4/5/19917BackpackStrenuous4
Oceanography Cruise at NewportNewport Beach3/16/19911CruiseEasy89
Piedra Blanca Beginner BackpkLos Padres NF3/9/19911BackpackModerate13
Mission Peak Picnic/Mtn ClimbMission Peak, Granada H2/24/19911Day hikeModerate14
Museum of Science & IMAXLos Angeles2/16/19911MuseumEasy30
All Us in Wonderland in Anza-BArroyo Tapiado, Anza Bor12/29/19903Car CampModerate15
Wilderness Thanks, E. MojaveAmboy/Kelso/Hole/Pisgah11/23/19902Car CampModerate23
Packsaddle Cave ExpeditionPacksaddle, Sequoia NF10/6/19901CavingModerate9
Cedar Grove RespiteKings Cyn NP, Cedar Grv9/1/19902Car CampEasy21
Tehipite, the Secret YosemiteTehipite Valley, KCNP8/24/19908BackpackStrenuous6
Conquest of Mt. Whitney #2Mt Whitney, Sequoia NP8/1/19904BackpackStrenuous9
Star Party at Mt. PinosMt Pinos, Los Padres NF7/21/19901Star PartyEasy25
Havasupai Hav-a-Great Time #3Grand Cyn Havasupai Cyn5/28/19906BackpackStrenuous17
Escape to Peace in SequoiaSequoia Natl Park5/26/19902Car CampEasy25
Cooper Cyn Beginner BackpackCooper Cyn, Angeles NF5/12/19901BackpackEasy7
Wildflower WonderSanta Monica Mtns NRA4/28/19901Day HikeEasy7
Passage to Paria CanyonBuckskin/Paria Canyons4/8/19906BackpackModerate8
The Fourth Day (planetarium)Griffith Observatory LA3/24/19901MuseumEasy15
Wandering Atop Mt. WatermanMt Waterman, Angeles NF3/10/19901Day HikeModerate7
Pedaling Porter RanchPorter Ranch, Granada Hl3/3/19901BicycleModerate10
Alone on Sandstone (Peak)Santa Monica Mtns NRA1/27/19901Day HikeModerate30
IMAX Theatre Film FestivalLos Angeles1/13/19901MuseumEasy10
Desert Canyons by Salton SeaSalton Sea Area12/30/19892Car CampModerate19
Baja Adventure: Guadalupe CynCanyon de Guadalupe11/24/19892Car CampModerate7
Kern River Fish FryKern River via 9mile Cyn10/26/19893BackpackStrenuous4
Yosemite High RepriseTuolomne Mdws, Yosemite9/2/19892Car CampEasy26
Sierra Summer, Ansel Adams WldAgnew to Tuolomne Mdws8/28/19896BackpackStrenuous14
Voyager 2 Neptune EncounterPasadena Center8/24/19891MuseumEasy12
Sierra Summer at Dusy BasinBishop Pass/Dusy Basin8/3/19895BackpackModerate4
Grunion Grab at the BeachMcGrath State Beach7/21/19891Day HikeEasy30
Blue-Green Holiday: Supai #2Grand Cyn Havasupai Cyn6/15/19895BackpackStrenuous16
Yosemite High: Tuolomne MdwsTuolomne Mdws, Yosemite5/27/19892Car CampModerate29
Craving for Caving in ParadiseParadise/Clough/Overhang5/6/19891CavingStrenuous7
Waterfall Hike #2 (Switzer)Switzer Falls Angeles NF4/2/19891Day HikeEasy8
Water Wheels Bicycling OutingSan Gabriel R West Fork4/1/19891BicycleModerate27
Pisgah Crater OutingPisgah Crater, E. Mojave2/12/19891CavingModerate4
The Hidden Desert: E. MojaveMitchell/Kelso/Pisgah12/31/19882Car CampModerate13
The Wheel Thing in Porter RchPorter Ranch, Granada Hl12/26/19881BicycleModerate7
Big Sur Coasting Along CalifMonterey/Big Sur11/24/19883Car CampEasy14
Grand Canyon CavingGrand Cyn Grandview Tr11/11/19882CavingStrenuous3
San Diego ZoomICR/Fleet Ctr/La Jolla10/29/19881Day HikeEasy4
Earth from Telescope PeakDeath Vly, Telescope Pk9/23/19882Day HikeStrenuous9
Martian EncounterHarrison Sarrafian's, GH9/17/19881Star PartyEasy16
Escape to Peace: Kings CanyonKings Cyn NP, Cedar Grv9/3/19882Car CampEasy24
Wilderness Week: Crabtree LakesKearsarge/Millys/Army Ps8/14/19886BackpackStrenuous6
Natural Fireworks: PerseidsRowher Flat, Saugus8/12/19881Car CampEasy25
Havasupai Hav-a-Great Time #1Grand Cyn Havasupai Cyn7/1/19884BackpackStrenuous13
Life in a Fishbowl on Piru Cr.Piru Cr, Los Padres NF6/11/19881BackpackEasy14
Kings of the River -- RaftingKings River S. Fk5/28/19882Car CampEasy18
Water From the Rock /Death VlyDarwin/DeathVly/Amargosa3/26/19883Car CampModerate15
Bicycle River CruiseSan Gabriel R West Fork3/12/19881BicycleModerate20
Mastodon Hunt at Rainbow BasinRainbow Basin, Calico2/13/19882Car CampModerate20
What's For Desert? E. MojaveIronwd/Afton/Kelso/Pisga1/1/19882Car CampEasy5
Malibu Creek State ParkSanta Monica Mtns NRA12/26/19871Day HikeEasy3
The Great Basin ExpeditionGreat Basin/Zion/Bryce11/27/19874Car CampModerate5
Sycamore Cyn Butterfly BonanzaPt. Mugu St Park11/14/19871Day HikeEasy23
Adventure Above & Below GroundLilburn Cave, Sequoia10/9/19873CavingStrenuous8
Creation Siesta at LodgepoleSequoia NP, Lodgepole10/9/19873Car CampEasy12
Galactic Cruise Star PartyMt Pinos, Los Padres NF8/29/19871Star PartyEasy7
Creation Valley WildernessKings Cyn NP Evolution V7/24/19876BackpackStrenuous8
Summit Trail Wilderness ExperSequoia NF Quaking Aspen7/3/19872BackpackModerate13
The Great Grunion GrabMcGrath State Beach5/29/19871Day HikeEasy15
Yosemite by Pedal/Paddle/HoofYosemite Valley5/23/19872Car/BackpkMod/Strn23
A Walk to the StarsSaddleback Butte St Park3/28/19871Star PartyModerate17
Paradise Cave in the SnowParadise Cave Sequoia NP2/14/19872CavingStrenuous6
Mt. Wilson Summit ClimbMt Wilson Trail2/7/19871Day HikeStrenuous18
Wild Paradise CaveParadise Cave Sequoia NP12/26/19862CavingStrenuous3
Santa Cruz IslandChannel Islands, S. Cruz11/1/19861Boat/HikeEasy16
Lost Soldier's CaveSequoia NP South Fork10/3/19862CavingStrenuous8
Mineral King for Labor DayMineral King/White Chief8/29/19862Car CampStrenuous12
Summer Starlight SpectacleMt Pinos, Los Padres NF8/9/19861Star PartyEasy5
High Sierra TrailSequoia NP to Kaweah Gap7/30/19863BackpackStrenuous5
Kennedy Meadows/Kern RiverKern River via 9mile Cyn7/3/19863BackpackStrenuous16
A Midsummer Night StreamO'Melveny Park, GH6/21/19861Day HikeEasy15
San Gorgonio AscentMt San Gorgonio5/31/19861BackpackStrenuous12
Yosemite on Two WheelsYosemite Valley5/24/19862Car CampModerate11
Cometeor FireworksMt Pinos, Los Padres NF5/3/19861Star PartyEasy4
Halley Rally Grand FinalePalomar Mountain St Park3/8/19861Car CampModerate30
Voyager 2: Live from Uranus!Cal Tech1/25/19861MuseumEasy4
Telescope Halley RallySaddleback Butte St Park1/4/19861Star PartyEasy6
Halley Rally Comet PreviewSaddleback Butte St Park11/15/19851Star PartyEasy7
Wild Crystal CaveSequoia Natl Park9/6/19851CavingModerate5
Labor Day at Reds MeadowReds Mdw/Devils Postpile8/31/19852Car CampEasy17
Twilight MeditationO'Melveny Park, GH8/3/19851Day HikeEasy8
Summer Starlight SpectacleMt Pinos, Los Padres NF7/20/19851Star PartyEasy12
Mount Whitney ChallengeMt Whitney, Sequoia NP7/4/19853BackpackStrenuous6
Great Western Bike RallyPaso Robles5/25/19852BicycleVaried8
Tule River BackpackingN Middle Fork Tule River5/10/19852BackpackModerate5
Lancaster Wildflower WildrideLancaster4/20/19851BicycleEasy7
Desert Drama in Death ValleyMt Whitney/Death Valley4/1/19852Car CampEasy2
Bicycle Fossil Hunt #2Browns Canyon3/23/19851BicycleModerate11
Whale Watch at Redondo BeachRedondo Beach2/9/19851BoatEasy24
Very Much Alive in Death VlyDeath Valley12/29/19843Car CampEasy4
Way Out in the Tules (River)N Middle Fork Tule River11/23/19842BackpackEasy8
Picnic Outing in Porter RanchTampa Trail, Northridge11/10/19841Day HikeEasy11
Astronomical Star PartyMt Pinos, Los Padres NF9/29/19841Star PartyEasy17
A Sequoia ExperienceSequoia NP Dorst Campgr8/31/19842Car CampEasy12
Cosmic Confrontation: SETIGriffith Observatory LA6/20/19841MuseumEasy12
High Sierra BackpackingBig Pine Lakes5/25/19842BackpackModerate2
Astronomical Star PartyMt Pinos, Los Padres NF4/28/19841Star PartyEasy7
Bicycle Fossil HuntBrowns Canyon4/14/19841BicycleModerate7