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A review of Samuel F. B. Morse: Artist With a Message
by John Hudson Tiner
The Sowers Series, Mott Media 1987

This is a wonderful book!  I would make it, and the other biographies by John Hudson Tiner, required reading for young people and highly recommended for adults, too.

We memorize cold facts in school like “Morse invented the telegraph” but rarely learn anything about the human drama behind the facts.  Here is a famous American who nearly starved himself trying to get his idea off the ground, an idea he KNEW was revolutionary, that none of the “experts” one would support!  It’s a story of perseverance and courage that eventually paid off and changed the world.

This book is immensely better fare for young people than the mindless drivel on TV and video games.  As far as it having a Christian flavor, so what?  It’s true.  Samuel F. B. Morse is one of many Christians who changed the world Newton, Kepler, Pasteur, and many others.  Does that aspect make the story politically incorrect?  Should historians neglect the driving force behind a man’s work?  Get real, teachers, and tell your students more about Morse and less about Madonna.  There are some excellent role models in American history and this is one of them.

John Hudson Tiner makes the character come alive and captures the misery of rejection and the triumph of vindication.  It is EASY reading for any student not held captive by teachers that don’t teach them how to read.  There’s nothing like true stories of real people (good-bye, Harry Potter), to inspire, motivate and stimulate young people to become the achievers of tomorrow.  Read this and all the others in the Sowers Series, as well Tiner’s other excellent books.  You’ll not only be inspired, you will learn a great deal of amazing history the textbooks never told you.

Reviewed by David F. Coppedge