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Havasu Falls
Updated: 07/05/2017

near Glendo, Wyoming
Monday, August 21, 2017, 6:00 p.m.
    The long-awaited total solar eclipse approaches! America hasn't had a total solar eclipse pass across the entire country for 99 years, so this is a chance of a lifetime to see one of the greatest astronomical wonders visible from the Earth. You may have seen a partial solar eclipse in your lifetime, but a total eclipse is 'totally' different. It's an unbelievable sight. There's nothing else like it on Earth!
    The moon's shadow passes through Wyoming around 11:40 a.m., but we will want to be prepared several hours before. The partial phase begins around 10:22, and totality around 11:42, but totality only lasts 2.5 minutes! You'll want to be prepared, and we will tell you what to expect and how to get ready.
    Originally I was planning to have people gather in Casper, Wyoming, but that city will be swamped with crowds and all accommodations are taken. Instead, I think that Glendo (73 miles to the east) is a better option. Here's the plan: NOTIFY ME by email if you are interested in joining with our Creation Safari group for the eclipse. I will keep in touch with those who respond by email about the details. You will need to plan your own travel and accommodations. We will gather at 9:00 a.m. at the selected site, and enjoy the spectacle together. An eclipse is a wonderful experience when shared among friends!
    If you can't meet with us, try to get somewhere on the path of totality that passes between Oregon and South Carolina.
Click here for a page with full details and maps.

_______________________ TRIP REPORTS FROM PREVIOUS SAFARIS _________________________

at Mt Pinos
Saturday, July 22, 2017, 6:00 p.m.
About 35 people came this year to the mountaintop under clear skies with comfortable temperatures. Steve H brought his home-made Dobsonian and cool binocular telescopes for our use. We saw Jupiter with 4 moons, Saturn with Titan, and a variety of beautiful objects. There were a lot of amateur scopes this time. One guy had a 28" Dobsonian you had to climb a tall ladder to reach; it's view of M51 (the Whirlpool Galaxy) was outstanding. We were all treated to a view of the ISS passing overhead. Dave spoke about astronomy news (Juno, Cassini, and more), creation and the stars, and used Deuteronomy 30, Romans 10 and Isaiah 66 to teach about God's omnipresence and nearness to each of us in spite of the vastness of the universe.

at Mt Pinos
Saturday, July 30, 2016, optional hike to summit 3:00 p.m.; main event 6:00 p.m.
Trip Report: About 40 people came, including many young adults, as well as some long-time safari veterans. Eight people enjoyed the 3-mile hike to the summit and back. At the interpretive talk, Chief Bwana Dave shared news in astronomy and evidence against secular cosmology; several good comments afterward. Dave also told about possible plans to Casper Wyoming for the Aug 21, 2017 total solar eclipse next summer. Skies were mostly clear for evening viewing of stars, planets (Mars, Saturn, Jupiter) and other celestial delights. A neighbor shared his 14" Celestron scope. Steve Hulsey brought his homemade binocular scope and equatorial-tracking 8" Dobsonian.

July 8-13, 2016
Trip Report: A great time was had by all 8 who came. We hiked about 23 miles in all, with 4000 ft elevation gain. We reached Goodale Pass and Silver Pass, returning via a portion of the John Muir Trail and Pacific Crest Trail. The tour had all the Sierra treats: meadows, wildflowers, rivers, mountains and grand vistas--even a waterfall reminiscent of Yosemite.

in Santa Clarita, CA
Wednesday, January 20, 2016
Trip Report: About a dozen people came and had a great time. The museum was amazing, but as of April, 2016, it closed for Santa Clarita as it plans it's move to the permanent museum in Washington DC. Only 1% of the artifacts were shown in Santa Clarita. The permanent museum will be phenomenal. Watch for its grand opening in 2017!

at Dana Point Harbor
Friday film Aug 21, 2015, and Saturday boat trip Sat Aug 22.
Trip report: We filled the boat and had a great time. Captain Dave drove us way out on the Fast Cat, a bouncy ride! But we saw dolphins, a hammerhead shark, and a couple of humpback whales! On the way back, he tested a new device he is working on. It's a flotation device that can be attached to a net if a whale gets entangled in it. It sends GPS coordinates, so that a rescuer with a smartphone app can locate the whale and cut it free.
After the whale watching and a good lunch, two of us went on to the Long Beach Aquarium and enjoyed looking at the great variety of sea creatures on exhibit.

at Mt Pinos
Saturday, Aug 15, 2015, 3:00 p.m. optional hike to summit, 6:00 p.m. main event
Trip Report:Our most popular Safari each year, the annual star party on Mt. Pinos takes place at one of the best stargazing sites in southern California. Come and hear astronomy news from a creation perspective, then spend the evening looking at celestial wonders through O.P.T. (other people's telescopes). Need: warm clothing (cold at 8500') with wool cap, red-tinted flashlight, folding chair. Optional: hot drink in thermos bottle.
Mt. Pinos is about 21 miles west of Interstate 5 at the Frazier Park exit.
Click here for directions.

in Yellowstone National Park
Late August 2015
Trip report: The only family that responded was unable to go, so Bwana Dave went anyway! He had a great time and hiked to some little-known thermal basins, like Crater Hills, Sylvan Springs and Heart Lake. The latter was a 17.5-mile day hike in grizzly bear country! He also saw most of the famous geysers erupt, and toured the whole Grand Loop from South Entrance in and out, plus the Grand Tetons. On the way up he toured Yant Flat, a little-known outcrop of colorfully-striped Navajo sandstone north of St. George, Utah. Many of his photos are posted on his
Flickr page. Email Dave to sign up. Exact dates to be determined.

at Mt Pinos
Saturday, Aug 23, 2014, 5:00 optional dinner (RSVP); 6:00 p.m. main event
Trip Report: A record crowd came to this 30th anniversary star party; well over a 100, some estimate about 130 people in all.  Judy Rose made a terrific dinner for the 60 who RSVP'd in advance for it.  The group had some good worship singing time, then Dave talked about planets, solar eclipses, spacecraft, and stars.  Everyone seemed to be enjoying the fellowship as the sky darkened, then small groups wandered through the large telescopes for looks at celestial wonders.

August 16-17, 2014
Trip Report: 3 ladies joined Dave for a one-night reconnoiter of the Lake Edison area for a possible backpack jumpoff point next year.  We hiked to Rancheria Falls near Huntington Lake (just a trickle this year due to the drought), then hopped into one of the Mono Hot Springs and camped at Vermillion Campground at Lake Edison (20 miles of rough road).  The reservoir was only at 6% capacity, so rather than take the ferry across, we opted to hike on the north side of the lake to Devil's Bathtub Lake.  That was a good call, despite the name.  it was a pleasant 8.8 mile hike mostly through forest, with a great view at the end of the lake and Silver Divide behind it.  After some quality loafing time, we hiked out, drove the bumpy 20 miles, had Thai food in Fresno and made it home by about 11:00 p.m.

in the Dinkey Lakes Wilderness
June 22-23, 2014
Trip Report:  In this quick overnighter, we drove 575 miles in Dave's new Toyota 4Runner (including 25 miles on rough roads), hiked 10 miles with 1200' elevation gain, and saw 7 lakes.  At First Dinkey Lake, we were treated to the sight of a bald eagle swooping down to catch a fish in its talons.  Our lesson the night before around the campfire, as we munched on s'mores at Camp Edison ($30 per night, ouch!) was about "a word fitly spoken" based on Titus 2:8.  All went well except for a slight injury when one hiker fell on rocks, dislocating his thumb and getting banged and scraped up a little; he was able to hike out under his own power, fortunately, till we got him to an emergency room in Fresno.  This was a short trip full of adventure for only 36 hours away from home!

in the Paria area
April 7-11, 2014
Trip report:  Great fun, good fellowship, lots of sightseeing.  In Zion, the four of us hiked the Emerald Pools Trail, the Weeping Rock Trail, and part way up the Narrows Trail.  In Bryce, we saw all the lookouts, and hiked the Queens Garden Trail and part of the Navajo Loop Trail.  In the Paria area, we hiked 9.5 miles from Buckskin Gulch to the top of West Clark Bench and back, seeing incredible formations in the Navajo Sandstone.  We also explored the interesting rocks near the White House Campground.  A good time was had by all.

at Zuma Beach and Point Dume
Saturday, Sept 14, 2013, 8:30 a.m.
Trip Report: Small turnout (just 3 besides the bwana) but all who came had fun.  Boogie boarding was good at Zuma, in good weather.  Then we hiked 1.3 miles up and over Point Dume for beautiful views of the coast east and west.  Entire event only 8 hours including driving.

Annual Star Party
at Mt Pinos
Saturday, Sept 7, 2013, 6:00 p.m.
Trip Report: A good group came early to hike to the summit, then many more came for the stars.  At 6:00, Dave taught about "Powers of Ten" to explore human's place in the cosmos, with application to the omnipresence of God.  About 70 people, many young adults, came to this star party – one of our largest turnouts ever.  The Roses and others brought snacks, hot chocolate and tea participants enjoyed as the sky darkened, then as the stars came out, everyone thrilled at sights of Saturn, the M13 globular cluster, the M31 spiral galaxy, and other celestial objects.  Thanks to Vic for sharing his 15" Dobsonian.  Several learned how to use the SkyScout gadget.  Everyone got home in time not to be late for church.

SIERRA LAKES TREK in Sabrina Lake Basin  
August 23-26, 2013
Trip Report: A cheerful group of 5 young adults joined old chief bwana Dave on a rewarding trek to more than two dozen lakes above Sabrina Reservoir west of Bishop for 3 days and 2 nights at a base camp at Blue Lake, 3 miles up 1400' from the trailhead. The evening of the first day it looked like smoke from the Yosemite Rim Fire might mar their view, but wind cleared the skies overnight. On the second day, they hiked to Emerald Lakes, Dingleberry Lake, Midnight Lake, Sailor Lake, Hungry Packer Lake where they had lunch & a long rest. Then they continued on to Moonlight Lake and its outlet waterfall, Topsy Turvy Lake and back to camp. On the third day they hiked up to Baboon Lakes (very pretty 3rd one) and down to Donkey Lake, picked up their packs and hiked out. Dave taught about apologetics, the nature of scientific knowledge, and how to respond to hard-core evolutionists.

June 29, 2013
Trip Report:Approximately 30 young adults took a short walk from the parking lot to the summit on Mt. Pinos. Dave talked about apologetics. Afterward, older adults joined them at the Lebec MPA house for an afternoon fellowship and meal.

June 15-21, 2013
Trip Report: Fifteen mostly young adults did the Supai trail all the way in & out, including Dave, just 4 months after surgery. Dave even did Skydiver Leap and carried his pack 20 miles and hiked another 15. The usual jumps, mine exploring & day hikes were fun, but the place was really crowded this year (one church group of about 60 teens was rowdy). Nathan taught on the concept of Glory. Dave gave a talk about the Flood.

June 12-14, 2013
Trip Report: Four explorers including one from Australia took to the California coast for 3 days and 2 nights. Engine troubles with the van took away a few hours, but the group did see the sea: Pt. Lobos State Reserve, Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park, Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park (camp), the elephant seals near San Simeon, and Montana de Oro State Park (camp) with a few short walks.  The entire event took only 1.75 hours.

ECOLOGY WALK in Placerita Canyon, Newhall  
Sat April 13, 2013 at 4:00 p.m.
Trip Report: Another happy group of 18 hiked a mile up and a mile back in this lovely canyon, seeing many kinds of plants along the way.  Dave gave a short talk about ecology from a Christian perspective, giving examples of ecosystems, and discussing Christian stewardship of the environment.  The entire event took only 1.75 hours.

WELLNESS WALK in Elsmere Canyon, Newhall  
Sat April 6, 2013 at 10:00 a.m. or 4:00 p.m. (vote)
Trip Report:  18 people aged 7 months to 65 years had a good time in perfect weather conditions on this beautiful trail.  The younger ones took part in a "science project" to count as many species of birds, mammals, reptiles, insects and flowers as they could: the cookie prize went to Charles Jr.  We saw and heard many birds, including scrub jays, Stellar's jays, doves, and more.  Dave saw a big tiger swallowtail.  We all wondered what was in the caves high on the sandstone cliffs.  After a mile of pleasant walking, Dave shared from 3 John 2-4 about "wellness," what it means, and what contributes to it (health, truth, and joy), sharing his own personal challenges and motivations after cancer surgery 5.5 weeks ago.  It was a great day.  The entire event took only an hour and 40 minutes.

Sat Feb 16, 2013 at 10:00 a.m.
Event Report: About 40 people came to the event, a great blessing to me.  It was a perfect day--sunny, comfortable, with a few light clouds.  25 people helped me to the top of Mission Peak, then we came down the mountain to a terrific lunch prepared by Sally and Anna.  Then, a moving time of Bible reading and prayer was held.  After that, nine made it through thick bushes to "Little Utah" and "Coppedge Arch" where I posed with my picture in the window.  Thanks to all who made this a very special occasion for me as I faced surgery on Feb. 26 (successful).  —David Coppedge

Quigley Canyon Open Space Walk  
Sat Jan 19, 2013 at 10:00 a.m.
Trip Report:  A nice group of 9 people walked the two "easy" trails in this delightful open space preserve in Newhall, practically in The Master's College's backyard.  On the Oro Fino Mountainway, we passed the remains of a horse ranch, then saw a large buck deer bounding through an oak thicket.  Then we walked off-trail to experience the naturalness of the area.  Circling back, we took a shortcut over to the Fox Loop and walked its easy, shaded mile through a nice grove of California live oak, hearing some scrub jays along the way.  Dave shared thoughts from Revelation 4:12 and 10:6 about the centrality of creation to God's glory.  A lot of good friendly conversation was heard throughout the walk, and as we reached the cars at the end, we realized all this enjoyment took only an hour and 20 minutes.

Breakfast with the Birds  at Placerita Canyon Nature Center
Saturday Nov 24, 2012 at 8:30 a.m.
Trip Report: 21 came to this pleasant, easy event.  We had breakfast served by Dave & Gene, then took a gentle walk up Placerita Canyon trail for a devotional on Luke 12.  A few took an additional walk to the Oak of the Golden Dream.  We didn't see many birds, but saw three White-Headed Woodpeckers with their red caps high on a sycamore tree.  All done in less than two hours – a nice start to a beautiful southern California day!


Annual Star Party
at Mt Pinos
Saturday, August 18, 2012, 6:30 p.m.
Trip Report: About 35-40 people came and had a great time. Most were young adults, 18-33. Dave taught about astronomy news, and emphasized the difference between scientific discovery and scientific explanation. Many large telescope owners opened their eyepieces to our group: we had good views of globular clusters, the Andromeda galaxy, and planetary nebulae. Dave taught several how to use the SkyScout. Judy provided hot drinks and brownies, a nice touch that helped everybody feel welcome. In spite of partly-cloudy forecast, the sky was clear until a few clouds entered on the horizons after most had already left (around 11:30 p.m.) In all this was another successful Star Party.
Note: there will not be a star party in September. Remember the
Bible-Science Association meeting on Sept. 15.



BIBLE-SCIENCE ASSOCIATION of the San Fernando Valley
Monthly meetings: special speakers, large creation book table.  Meets 3rd Sat of month (except summer and December), 7:00 p.m. at The Masters College, Newhall.