Statement of Faith


Creation Safaris subscribes to the fundamentals of the historic Christian faith "once for all delivered to the saints" (Jude 3), including:

In addition, Creation Safaris believes the following doctrine of creation: Note to participants
You do not need to subscribe to this Statement of Faith to come on Creation Safaris; you do not even need to be a Christian. We welcome anyone to come and learn our point of view, which we feel is much more satisfying and invigorating than skepticism or any other religion or philosophy. We do ask, however, that you understand that this Statement is the foundation of our beliefs and teachings, and we also ask if you come, that you join in the educational and worship activities that are a central aspect of Creation Safaris.

Note to prospective leaders
You DO need to subscribe to the above Statement of Faith in order to lead Creation Safaris, or to use the trademarks "Creation Safari" or "Creation Safaris". In addition, you agree not to use these trademarks for profit-making activities, or interfere with the activities of Master Plan Productions (Newhall, CA), David F. Coppedge, Director. Also, we ask that you not plagiarize the trademarks, teaching materials and distinctive characteristics of Creation Safaris(tm), but give credit where due. These stipulations are to protect the identity of Creation Safaris(tm) from cults or false teachers. With that legalese out of the way, we would actually welcome additional leaders into the Creation Safari bwanaship and want to help you get started in this exciting form of ministry! Be sure to read our Philosophy of Ministry article, and then email us to learn more.