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What Are Creation Safaris?

Creation Safaris (tm) are nature excursions founded and directed by David F. Coppedge, as a ministry of Master Plan Productions and the Bible-Science Association of the San Fernando Valley.

Their goal is to acquaint you with the wonders of creation, increasing your appreciation for God our Creator. They equip you to counteract evolutionary myths by teaching you Biblical truths about origins and natural science.   Learning, singing, praying, and worshipping together are key activities.  

And, as a fringe benefit, you get to meet people, have fun, and participate in all kinds of adventures!  Now in our 22nd year, Creation Safaris have caught on in the U.S., Canada, and Australia.  For a fuller explanation of our philosophy of ministry, read the article Why Creation Safaris?

Who Provides What?

You provide all your own gear, which depends on the trip.   For overnight and longer trips, we can provide a list of things to pack; here is our General Camping List and our Backpacking Supply List.   The Bwana and volunteers plan the locations, dates and itineraries, and lead the adventures.   On some trips, they also provide some of the grub (for tenderfeet, that means food).  

Insurance.  You must provide you own insurance.   Some trips are physically demanding or involve risks.   Do not sign up for any trips for which you are not physically prepared.   Call the Bwana if any doubt.   Although we have an excellent safety record, accidents can happen.   Understand that you participate at your own risk.  Also, by attending, you are implying consent to submit to the Bwana's leadership.  The Bwana reserves the right to refuse participation by anyone he feels is unqualified or disruptive to the purpose of the trip.

What do things Cost?

Food.  Plan your own food unless otherwise instructed.   On overnight trips, we often provide breakfast and dinner for approximately $10 a day.  

Transportation.  We usually carpool to the destination.   Let the Bwana know if you can be a driver.   Drivers get a mileage allowance.   Your cost as a passenger is calculated from a formula that depends on the number of cars, passengers, and miles; it cannot be known accurately in advance.   Exemptions from the carpool are: (1) solo drivers and (2) families or roommates that start and end together.  

Other Costs.  Shared expenses such as reservations, campground fees, park entrance fees, and some administrative costs to cover phone calls, printing, etc. are divided equally among the participants.   You pay on your own for individual meals, tickets, and souvenirs.  

How Do I Get More Information?

Join the Creation Safari E-Trail! Request to join the email loop for latest information on upcoming trips. Click here for email address.  You can also request information about a specific trip listed on the calendar.

We do not operate a snail-mail list.  Look for the latest information on the Creation Safari Calendar.

"Creation Safari" and "Creation Safaris" are trademarks of Master Plan Productions, Newhall, CA. Founded 1984 by David F. Coppedge.  See Terms of Use.

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