Bwana’s Guide


Want to be a Creation Safari Bwana*?  Want to know how to lead educational, inspirational events outdoors, sharing evidences for creation and glorifying God as Creator?  This page is your starting point to an exciting door of ministry opportunities.  If you haven’t already, read the article Why Creation Safaris? and then come back here and continue.

*Bwana, n.: Swahili for “safari leader”

Note: Use of the trademark names “Creation Safari” or “Creation Safaris” is restricted to those agreeing with our Philosophy of Ministry and Statement of Faith.  This is to protect the identity of Creation Safaris from cults or false teachers who might confuse the message of the gospel with non-Biblical doctrines.  The trademarks shall also not be used for profit-making activities, or to interfere with the activities of Master Plan Productions, David F. Coppedge, Director.  We also ask that you not plagiarize any original content or distinctive characteristics of Creation Safaris but give credit where due.

But hey–God’s creation is too big for a million bwanas!  We need more enthusiastic Christian creation-loving leaders to catch the Creation Safari spirit!  Email us if interested in being a Creation Safari Bwana!  Tell us a little about yourself: your location, age, education, experience, your familiarity with creation science, and what you perceive as your spiritual gifts and talents.  Tell us a little about the vision you feel God is laying on your heart, and we will get in contact with you with further information and assistance.