Reality Check

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“Reality Checks” are devotional outlines for outdoor preachers and teachers that have worked well on Creation Safaris, in line with our motto Escape to Reality.  These lessons should be thought out with additional Scriptures, explanations, illustrations, and personal testimonies to make them your own.  Above all, handle with prayer.  
David F. Coppedge


Theme:  It’s remarkable how much time Jesus spent outdoors, and how many important events in His earthly life were spent in the open air: on mountains, along seashores and in the wilderness.  Can this be a pattern for us, or at least teach us about the value of the outdoors as a setting for worship and ministry?  How many of us could picture ourselves spending this much time outside – all night in prayer on a mountain, for instance?  Think about it!

Jesus Christ outside in His creation, as seen in the Gospels: