Teacher’s Resource Center

Why the Church Must Emphasize Creation.  How a creation emphasis can revitalize the church.  Five Biblical reasons for emphasizing creation, and ideas for utilizing creation in worship and ministry.

Creation Club Idea Book by Constance H. Crossman.  A must for outdoor teachers: filled with ideas, experiments, demonstrations and Bible truths from creation: “Experiencing nature with children of all ages at home, school, camp or church.”

Scripture References:  A BIG list of Bible passages pertaining to creation, science, nature, or exploring Godís handiwork with thanksgiving.   A fountain of material for inspirational lessons for outdoor teaching opportunities!

Genesis through Job   Psalms   Proverbs   Poetical books   Old Testament Prophets   Gospels and Acts   Epistles and Revelation

Reality Checks:  Short lesson outlines for outdoor preachers and teachers.
Topical Bible Studies:  All the Bible references you need to teach a topic.
  • Stars
  • Caves
  • Deserts and wilderness
  • Birds
  • Flowers
  • Lions
  • Animal illustrations in Proverbs
  • Rain and snow
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Jokes and Illustrations:  New!  Need an ice breaker?  See our new Humor Page!