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Reason #2: Creation is: THE FOUNDATION FOR DOCTRINE.

Everything that the church believes and teaches is founded on the doctrine of creation.  As Ken Ham often says, the meaning of anything is bound up in its origin.  If you don’t understand how something began, you don’t understand it at all.  And if you cannot defend a doctrine’s foundation from the beginning, you cannot defend it at all; it degenerates into just your opinion.  For the church to speak with authority, it needs to build from its foundation.  Consider a few of the important Bible doctrines, subjects all considered vital topics for the church, which originate in Genesis:

  • Marriage and family: Genesis 2:24
  • Human sexuality: Genesis 1:27-28
  • False religion: Genesis 3:5
  • Sin and judgment: Genesis 3:6-19
  • Salvation: Genesis 3:15
  • Law and government: Genesis 9:6
  • Work and purpose in life: Genesis 2:15; 3:18-19, 23
  • Arts and sciences: Genesis 4:20-22
  • Eternal destiny: Genesis 3:24, 12:1-3
Jesus defended doctrines from the books of Moses, including the early chapters of Genesis, when He was asked questions:
  • Marriage: when questioned about divorce, He quoted Genesis 1:27 and 2:24. (Matt 19:3-9).  Notice how He mentions Moses allowing for a certificate of divorce in some cases, but emphasizes that from the beginning it was not so (v. 9).
  • Judgment: likened the coming judgment to the days of Noah (Matt 24:37-39).
  • Vengeance: confirmed historicity of Abel (Luke 11:51)
  • Resurrection: told the Sadducees they did not know the Scriptures nor the power of God (Matt 22:29).
  • Hell: “They have Moses and the prophets, let them hear them . . . . If they do not hear Moses and the prophets, neither will they be persuaded though one rise from the dead.” (Luke 16:29-31)
  • Messiah: “And beginning at Moses and all the prophets, He expounded to them in all the Scriptures the things concerning Himself.” (Luke 24:27; see also John 5:39)
Jesus also used nature to teach spiritual truth:
  • Birds as symbols of God’s care: Matt 6:26
  • Flowers as examples of God’s design and providence: Matt 6:29
  • Fruit trees as illustrations of human character: Matt 7:16-20, 12:33, Luke 6:43-45
  • Serpents as symbols of shrewdness, doves of harmlessness: Matt 10:16
  • Wind as a parable of the Holy Spirit: John 3:8
  • Sparrows as examples of God’s providential care: Matt 10:29-31, Luke 12:6
  • Ravens as examples of God’s providential care: Luke 12:24
  • Mustard plant as parable of kingdom of God: Luke 13:19
  • Weather signs as signs of the times: Matt. 16:1-4, Luke 12:56
Reason #2, Creation is the Foundation for Doctrine, has been discussed thoroughly in three books we recommend for further study:
  • The Battle For the Beginning by Dr. John MacArthur (W Publishing Group, Thomas Nelson, 2001)  This new book (October 2001) underscores the centrality of creation for all the church believes and teaches.  From the Introduction (p. 26), MacArthur says,

    The abandonment of a biblical view of creation has already borne abundant evil fruit in modern society.  Now is no time for the church to retreat or to compromise on these issues.  To weaken our commitment to the biblical view of creation would start a chain of disastrous moral, spiritual, and theological ramifications in the church that will greatly exacerbate the terrible moral chaos that has already begun the unraveling of secular society.

    With that in mind I undertook an earnest study of Genesis a couple of years ago.  Although the bulk of my ministry has been devoted to a verse-by-verse exposition of the whole New Testament, I recently turned to the Old Testament and began preaching a series on Genesis in our church.  This book is the fruit of my research and teaching in Genesis 1-3.  We find there the foundation of every doctrine that is essential to the Christian faith.  And the more carefully I have studied those opening chapters of Scripture, the more I hve seen that they are the vital foundation for everything we believe as Christians.

    The book also explains how evolutionary naturalism has become the dominant religion of the western world, resulting in most of the moral decline and evil in society today.  MacArthur also points out how the church has been abandoning its foundational doctrine to accommodate evolutionary teachings, and the harm that results.

  • The Lie: Evolution by Ken Ham (Master Books, 1987).  In his seminars and videos, Ken Ham makes a powerful case for why creation is relevant to everything the church believes and teaches.

  • The Long War Against God by Henry M. Morris, Jr. (Baker, 1990).  This excellent book examines the history of evolutionary thought and shows how it has permeated not only the sciences, but politics, law, education, economics, ethics, the arts and culture.

Nothing in the Bible or the Christian life makes sense apart from the doctrine of creation.  The church must emphasize creation to shore up its foundation; then, the structure built on it will be secure.  But if the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do? (Psalm 11:3).

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