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From Y1K to Y2K

by David F. Coppedge
c. 2000 David F. Coppedge, Master Plan Productions
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THE NEW MILLENNIUM is a unique time to look back over a thousand years and ponder how far civilization has come.  The comforts, conveniences, health and prosperity available to most of us is due in large measure to the rise of modern science.  Today, science is an almost exclusively secular enterprise, presented by the media and universities as the opposite of faith, and therefore intrinsically hostile to religion.  But, historically speaking, this is a gross distortion!  Did you know that most of the greatest scientists of history were Bible-believing Christians?  This pictorial research presentation will demonstrate three surprising facts about the history of modern science (see the Introduction for explanation and definitions of terms):

  1. Most of the greatest scientists of the past 1000 years were Christians and creationists.
  2. To these scientists, Christianity was the driving force behind their discoveries.
  3. The Christian world view gave birth and impetus to modern science.

Accompanying the text are full-page color graphics in JPG and PDF formats, containing pictures, lists of accomplishments, tributes by others and quotes by the scientists themselves.  They make excellent transparencies for teachers and speakers.  The full set of these graphics can also be purchased from the products page, as well as a lecture on cassette of the material.  Within the text below are links to Internet sites for further study.  If you obtain benefit from this material, we would appreciate hearing from you; email usat The material may be freely used by Christian teachers as long as it is not resold and credits are shown.  We strongly encourage the church of Jesus Christ to reclaim its great heritage of scientific discovery!

This material was first presented to the Bible-Science Association of the San Fernando Valley, California, on November 20, 1999 as a special Y2K program by David Coppedge (education, physics), Mark Armitage (biology), and David Phillipps (paleoanthropology).  Since then, David has expanded the material and presented it to various churches, classes and organizations.  It is now being made available on the Internet month by month.   Mr. Coppedge says, “This has been one of the most enlightening and encouraging research projects I have ever undertaken.”

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